Petter Holme is a specially appointed professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, specializing in network science. His research spans many different disciplines and concerns networks in social science, ecology, computer science, and power-grids; it also ranges from theoretical to data science. Recently Holme has pioneered the study of temporal networks to integrate information about when things happen into network modeling.

Holme has a Ph.D. in physics 2004 from Umeå University (in his home country Sweden). He did postdocs at the University of Michigan and the University of New Mexico. He also has a MA in Chinese and China Studies and has lived in the Far East (China, South Korea, and Japan) for over a decade. Holme as co-authored over 150 publications that have been cited close to 15,000 times.

About the Series

As part of the Asian Institute of Management's PhD in Data Science program kick-off, we are organizing a webinar series titled The Science of Data where we have invited leading scientists and rising stars in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Network Science, and Complex Systems.

Our main goal in this series is to spread knowledge and awareness of the rich field of data-driven and empirical science, and to inspire future scientists and young researchers in this part of the world to further invest their time in advancing science through R&D.

The series will run from October through December 2020.