A physicist by training, Manlio de Domenico is an expert in the modeling and analysis of complex systems using Big Data to better understand behavioral and social dynamics in spreading phenomena, such as epidemics and infodemics. He is known for his models intertwining human mobility, infectious disease spreading, and other types of human dynamics such as awareness, bounded rationality, social segregation, and integration. His work has been covered by BBC, MIT Technology Review, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

Manlio heads the the Complex Multilayer Networks (CoMuNe) Research Unit at the Center for Information Technology of FBK, where he also co-coordinates the Computational Human Behavior (CHuB) FBK's Flagship Project. He is a co-director of the Mediterranean School of Complex Networks and member of the Complex Systems Society Council.

In 2019, Manlio won the IUPAP Young Scientist Award on Statistical Physics for Interdisciplinary Applications of Statistical Physics. In 2017, he received the USERN Prize in Formal Sciences for modeling the complexity of systems of systems.

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About the Series

As part of the Asian Institute of Management's PhD in Data Science program kick-off, we are organizing a webinar series titled The Science of Data where we have invited leading scientists and rising stars in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Network Science, and Complex Systems.

Our main goal in this series is to spread knowledge and awareness of the rich field of data-driven and empirical science, and to inspire future scientists and young researchers in this part of the world to further invest their time in advancing science through R&D.

The series will run from October through December 2020.