Dr. Shyh-hao Kuo, aka Howie is an engineering scientist that wears many hats. He is a freelance researcher/entrepreneur and a Senior Specialist in Data Solution Engineering at Telstra and have been working in providing digital solutions to Cyber as well as business problems. Prior to that, he has been a senior Scientist at the Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore for more than 10 years. Working on many different computing and systems modeling projects, ranging from compiler optimization, large-scale financial modeling, electrical machine failure predictions among many other things.

Academically, Howie has more than 30 publications with over 300 citations in many different areas. He obtained his PhD from Simon Fraser University in 2005 with a thesis on power optimization of wireless multi-antenna systems from the school of Engineering science, and did his undergraduate and master's study in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Canterbury in NZ, with a masters thesis on chaotic Cryptography. With this diverse set of interest, he also has several patents in machine fault prediction and wireless communication systems.

About the Series

As part of the Asian Institute of Management's PhD in Data Science program kick-off, we are organizing a webinar series titled The Science of Data where we have invited leading scientists and rising stars in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Network Science, and Complex Systems.

Our main goal in this series is to spread knowledge and awareness of the rich field of data-driven and empirical science, and to inspire future scientists and young researchers in this part of the world to further invest their time in advancing science through R&D.

The series will run from October through December 2020.